Providing top-notch equipment is just the beginning of what we offer. Once we install your custom equipment, our team takes the time to train your staff on its operation. We believe the products we provide are amazing tools, but they are only as good as the knowledge of those operating it. Therefore we invest the time and patience needed to make sure your team is skilled enough to man your investment once we complete our job at your facility.

Here at Summit Industrial, we are pleased to offer mechanical and electrical service and training on the equipment listed below. At this time we are limited to only servicing Meyn equipment. If you would like more information about installing a custom system into your process, please contact us by clicking here.


  • Rehanger
  • Venter
  • Opener
  • Maestro
  • Pan-Conveyor
  • Cropper
  • Neck Breaker
  • F.I.M.
  • Bird Washers

Cut-up & Deboning

  • Pre-Cutter
  • Halvers
  • Splitters
  • Leg Processor (HYLP & MKIII)
  • Thigh and Drum Cutter
  • Whole Leg Deboner
  • Rapid HQ Breast Deboner


  • Stunners
  • Pickers
  • Jet Stream Scalders

Maintenance Services

24/7 Emergency Support that is backed by world-class service technicians.

Our 24/7 emergency support is backed by world-class service technicians, ready to assist you with any unexpected issues.  We understand how critical uptime is for processors, so our team is dedicated to promptly respond to even the smallest issue.  Our priority is customer satisfaction, driven by results.

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